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Asbestos was a mined material that was used in construction up until about the 1980's.  It was used in many materials from insulation to siding and flooring, and everything in between.  If asbestos is releasing fibers into the air then it must be removed by a qualified/licensed contractor who specializes in asbestos removal.  However if it is intact and not releasing fibers into the air, then it may be left alone and does not present a significant health hazard.  Many homes built up until the 1980s used vermiculite as an attic insulation.  Approximately 75-80% of this type of insulation contained asbestos. If you have vermiculite insulation, then Apex Home Inspectors, LLC recommends you should have it tested for asbestos by a certified asbestos specialist.    Here is a link to the EPA's information on asbestos:  EPA Asbestos