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Terms and Conditions

     All terms and conditions will apply as per the contract signed by the customer.  An example contract can be accessed below.  Please be advised that this is an example contract only, provided here merely as a convenience, and it may or may not differ significantly from the contract entered into by the client which will supersede all other documents. It is the client's responsibility to read any contract in it's entirety before signing the agreement.​     Our Contract

Our Refund Policy

    Money Back Guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with our services at the time your inspection is being performed.  If at any time during the inspection, you are dissatisfied with the service we are providing, for any reason whatsoever, we will gladly halt the service and return any monies already paid for the inspection service, or any other service which Apex Home Inspectors LLC performs directly.   Ancillary services provided by other contractors, (such as termite inspection, or sewer lateral inspections) which were booked by Apex Home Inspectors LLC as a convenience to the client, will not be subject to refund.  Once the inspection report or any other report provided by Apex Home Inspectors LLC has been accessed in any way, whether verbally or in written form (including a summary discussion) by the client or agent or any other party, it is no longer a returnable product, and no refunds will be issued.  All disputes will be arbitrated as per the contract terms.   

Privacy Policy

     We take our clients privacy very seriously.  We will never sell or give away your information.

Any information we collect directly, will be used for the purpose of merchandising and transacting our services only, and no information will be used for any other purpose.  All online transactions will be executed directly through HomeGuage services who provide all online security necessary for transactions between Apex Home Inspectors LLC and our clients.  HomeGuage's policies can be accessed here:  https://www.homegauge.com/index.html